Shed Your Winter Routine

Posted on 06 April 2016
Author:Emilia Obiekea

Now that it is officially Spring time, what better time than now to update your regimen. Each season calls for a slight adjument to your hair care routine. Some are fortunate to live in climates where they can use the same methods and products year round but many of us do not have that luxury. Spring is a great time to lighten up everything. Throw out any expired or old products. Giveaway unused or gently used products that you disliked. Here are some tips on how to shed your Winter routine.



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Spring Hair Care

Ditch the heavy butters and oils. It's time to let those strands live! No need to use straight castor oil or shea butter any longer. You can start using lighter butter blends or adding light weight oils to your butters. This will make it easier to adapt to the warmer weather without weighing down the hair.

Cleanse more often without clarifying. There is usually no need to clarify your hair weekly. Unless you are using products that are very heavy, silicone based products were used, or a work environment that requires can get away without shampooing weekly. Time to enjoy cowashing. Use a cleansing conditioner midweek and on the weekends. Try shampooing biweekly. Your hair and scalp will love it. 
Not in to cowashing? Give clay mask a try. You can buy them already made or get your DIY on. Check out this quick recipe here. Leaves the hair feeling fantastic. Check out this list of clays to try.

Hair may not need long deep conditioning sessions. After cowashing it is good to use a rinse out conditioner. They are formulated to work in minutes.Some are even formulated to be leave in or rinse out. You can leave it in until your next wash day. I like to deep condition weekly or biweekly during warmer months. Note: Use caution when doing this. Only leave in conditioners that are formulated to be left in the hair. Some ingredients, such as surfecants, are not formulated to be in contact with the skin for extended amounts of time. This can cause irritation and other issues. 


Always use water based leave in conditioners. I tend to use liquid leave ins, like Blooming Moisture Mist, to refresh my hair's moisture levels nightly. On wash day I use Florets & Creme, a creamy moisturizer. Water and aloe vera juice based products are wonderful moisturizers. Hair, just like your body, thrives on water. Oils and butters aren't moisturizers...they aid the hair in maintaining moisture once it has been applied.

    Give these tips a try and see how your regimen not only improves but is also simplified.

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