Rinse Frizz Away

Posted on 29 April 2016
Author:Emilia Obiekea

Frizz can be caused by many factors such as humectant heavy leave in products and using items that are very alkaline. This causes the cuticle layer to open and swell. Tired of the hot weather causing your wash n go's, twist outs and braid outs to look tragic by midday? A simple solution to this common problem is carbonated water.


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The low pH of carbonated water smooths the hair and deters frizz from occurring. After washing and conditioning your hair do a final rinse with carbonate water. Be sure it is plain (no flavors). It also leaves the hair with more sheen. What's not to love right?

What's the science behind this? The normal pH of the scalp is approximately 4 1/2 to 5 1/2. Acidic rinses cause the cuticle to contract tightly (like shingles on a roof). You will want the rinse to have a pH of 4 or 5. Check out how to do this below. 


Infused Carbonated Water Rinse

  • Brew 1 1/2 cups of your favorite hair tea in distilled water (green tea is fine).
  • Blend tea with 1 1/2 cups of carbonated or sparkling water.
  • If you have pH strips feel free to test the pH level. If not just be sure to use equal parts of regular water. If the pH level is too high, add more water.
  •  Pour it over your hair repeatedly. Be sure to have a bowl to catch the run off from your hair.

You can enjoy doing this simple rinse on a weekly basis.  Give it a try and share your results.


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