Travel Must Haves

Posted on 11 May 2016
Author:Emilia Obiekea

The key to healthy hair is to remain consistent. If you are home or on vacay you should care for your hair. When you are consistent with moisturizing and protecting your hair you will notice a huge improvement in the overall look and feel of it. It can be hard initially but these simple tips will definitely help to maintain your routine without hindering your fun. Here are my traveling healthy hair must haves. 

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A shower comb and detangling brush are the foundation to any hair care regimen. Detangling the hair properly can make or break your hair. You don't need to comb your hair more than once daily. Go for low manipulation styles. Avoid flat irons and direct heat as much as possible. There's nothing worst than spending an hour doing your hair just for it to look a mess 30 mins later due to humidity. Embrace your natural texture.



We naturals run through conditioner and barely make a dent in shampoo. A 2 or 3 oz bottle is a good size. Apply directly to your scalp, massage well, and rinse out. The run off is usually enough to get the length of your hair clean. If not, apply a bit directly to the length of your hair prior to rinsing. Between shampooing use a cowash during the week as needed. Keep it simple.



I don't have time to deep condition on vacay. It's time to turn up not DC. A rinse out conditioner is formulated to work in a matter of minutes. Apply the conditioner, handle your shower routine, then use a shower comb to detangle and rinse your hair clean. I am heavy handed with conditioner so I would pack an 8 oz bottle in my luggage to check in. To prevent spilling simply tape the cap shut and seal bottle in a zip lock bag.



The sun can be very damaging to the hair. Moisture is very important. Use the LOC/LCO methods. Between applications if you need to moisturizing during the day carrying a 2 oz spray bottle of leave in will do. 

Travel kits are everything! Packing light can be tough. Reduce your load by getting travel kits. My go to is the IN Bloom Set. It has everything I need to keep my hair moisturized and happy. Use a travel kit that works best for you.



Stain scarves, headbands and hair trinkets are always nice to pack. Don't take too many just 1 or 2 of each will do. For quick styles be sure to have hair pins or large hair clip. Sometimes you have to whip a style together. 


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