Forming an Alliance with Humidity

Posted on 12 May 2016
Author:Emilia Obiekea

The #1 problem in the natural hair community is combating dry hair. For our textured hair this is definitely an issue. Cold weather robs our strands of moisture. The spring and summer months we can turn it around. Humidity can over-saturate the hair with moisture. Then when it dissipates the hair is left feeling super brittle. When we talk about humidity it is usually brought up as a bad thing but it really isn't.


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How do I form an alliance with humidity? Easily....adjust your regimen on the spot. When it is a humid day don't do the LOC or LCO method. Yep...I said it...Do not moisturize and seal your hair for the day. Taboo right? Don't stop reading....Let me expand on this. Humidity is when there are large levels of moisture in the air. Your hair will absorb the moisture in the air throughout the day. There is no need to over moisturize your hair. Change your regimen.


New RegimenAbbreviated Wash Day

Shorten your wash day by reducing the areas that are most time consuming for you. Prepoo for 30-60 mins. Use all products for the time suggested by the manufacturers. This will greatly reduce the length of time spent on your hair.

  1. Prepoo, Cleanse, Protein Treatment (when needed), Deep Condition, apple cidar vinegar or tea rinse (optional), do a final rinse with cool water. The cool water rinse helps to close the cuticle layer of the hair. This maintains the moisture in the hair better and smooths the cuticle. 

  2. Moisturize and Seal (LOC/ LCO method) on wash day only. On the following days (humid): Apply an oil and a cream styler (optional) to your hair as needed.


    Use a blend of penetrating oils. They aid with maintaining moisture and smooth the cuticle layer of the hair. I only have to moisturize my hair 1 time midweek now! What oils are able to do this? I struggled to find oils that would preform the way I needed them to. I formulated daily dew oil and triple infused hair oil with custom blends of penetrating oils. They have the ability to be applied regularly without weighing the hair down. They are my go to oils. I apply it to my damp hair after washing and during the week as needed. This technique is how I have been able to not LCO nightly and my hair is thriving. 


    Low manipulation styles will be the love of your life. Go for styles that are not time consuming and work with your natural texture. I love to do twist outs. They last the whole week for me with the abbreviated regimen from above. It leaves the hair with tons of body and softness. Wash and gos, Braid outs, flat twists, a bun, braids or an updo are all great optional hair styles.

    Don't fight the humidity. Enjoy it! 

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