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Posted on 17 July 2015
Author:Emilia Obiekea

I love my MISTO! I have raved about it for years online. Many bloggers have made post about it after my suggesting it. Figured I would share it with my people too right?!

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I originally bought the misto oil sprayer for its intended purpose. Spray on my salads, use to sauté veggies, etc... Being a DIY person and a naturalista I figured it would be great for my hair. I've been using it since 2010.


I use it for the following:

Body Oil

Just spray directly onto body/ in hand and rub the oil on to the skin. 


Sealing Moisture

It is great for the 'O' in the LOC and LCO methods.These are methods of moisturizing and sealing the hair. L = Liquid, O = oil and C = Cream. Apply your water based moisturizer of choice then an oil and butter.

My preferred method is 'LO'. 'L'=Blooming Moisture Mist, 'O'=Daily Dew.

For freshly washed hair I apply the Florets & Creme to my slightly damp hair. When using the Florets & Creme I don't need to apply and other product to my hair.

The following days, if my hair needs some moisture, I use the 'LO' or 'LC' methods. The C= Budding Butter Treat.


No Mess Hot Oil Treatment

Mist the room temp oil on to the scalp and hair. Hair can be damp or dry.

Cover with a cap for conditioning (ex: a disposable heat safe shower cap).

Sit under a hooded dryer or greenhouse it by wearing a beanie/hair turban. 

Then cleanse and condition the hair as normal.


Steps for using the Misto
  1. Fill the container up half way with an oil of choice.
  2. Seal it and use the cap to build up pressure in the container. Priming it for use.
  3. When the pressure has built up enough you will feel a lot of resistance as you try to use the cap to 'pump' the canister with air. This pressure is what allow the oil to mist on to the hair.
  4. When the pressure is too low, during use, the oil will start to stream out again. Just repeat the first few steps when this happens.
Yes it's that easy.

The lovely MISTO aids in all of that.

You'll ditch your old spray bottles for this one. Believe it!

Try it out and let us know how much you love it too!

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