Hair Detox

Posted on 20 July 2015
Author:Emilia Obiekea

Ever so often we need to reset or a fresh start with our hair. A great way to remove impurities without impeding on the health of your hair is by doing a detoxifying hair mask. 
For this you can utilize any clay of your choice. It is important to know the details about any clay you are going to use. Refer to this article about clays for information the commonly available varieties.

DIY for a Simple Hair Detox Mask

Needed Materials

  • Plastic/Glass bowl and utensils
  • Aloe Vera Gel - 1/4 cup
  • Clay powder of choice - 1/2 cup 
    • Note: The most commonly used are Bentonite, Rhassoul and White Clay.
  • Distilled plain water/ freshly brewed tea of choice (no sweetener) - 1 cup
  • Daily Dew - 2 tablespoons/ Budding Butter Treat - 1 tablespoon
  • Apple Cider Vinegar - 4-6 tablespoons
    • Optional: Use ACV with the mother - unfiltered.

*Do not use any metal items (such as utencils, bowls, etc..) they are reactive. Avoid this.


To Use
Dampen your hair. Apply the clay mix to the length of your hair and roots. When all hair is coated, cover your hair and leave it in for 5-20 minutes max. DO NOT LET IT bueno. When ready, rinse the mask out of the hair with warm water. Be sure to rinse under a running stream of water. Much simpler to do in the shower.

Condition your hair with a moisturizing conditioner. You can use a rinse out conditioner or a deep conditioner. Smooth it through your hair from the ends up to the roots. Let it sit for a few mins. Then rinse and detangle, with a shower comb, under the running water. You'll notice your hair will be super soft, very moisturized, zero frizz, much more defined texture and patterns throughout the length. YAY!

Once you've tried it let us know how you like it. Comment with what ingredients you chose to use. There are many many possible variations. 

*Disclaimer: I am not a physician. If you are allergic or have an adverse reaction contact a medical specialist. I share what I do for my hair and do not encourage anyone that may be allergic to try any recipes they see here. 

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