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Posted on 28 July 2015
Author:Emilia Obiekea


Most know that hair sheds approx 50 to 100 hair strands per day. This is part for the normal cycle of hair growth. The thing that trips up many of us is learning the difference between slow growth, breakage and shedding.



Abnormal hair loss can occur due to any of the following
Lack of rest
Hormonal imbalance
Vitamin deficiency
Styling the hair in high tension styles
Scalp infections (usually fungal)
Side effects of new medications
Use of too much direct heat
General anesthesia for surgery
Post childbirth
Poor/Imbalanced diet
Over manipulation of hair


If you notice a great deal of hair loss and this is abnormal for you, it is a good idea to go to your physician for a health evaluation. Hair loss can be a sign of an underlying health issue. Hair growth "aids" aren't a solution.

It is not good to take vitamins that you unaware if you actually need them. If you do not have a deficiency of some kind for the supplement but take it anyway...bad side effects can occur.

 For example, Biotin. Biotin is wonderful if taken when needed. If consumed, in large doses, unnecessarily it can cause the growth of excess body and facial hair. Also can cause the occurrence cystic acne. No bueno and very painful. If this happens to you discontinue use and see a physician.



  • Stress: Mediation, exercise and talking to friends/family.
  • Lack of rest: Sleep longer and relax more often. If this is due to insomnia or sleep apnea see a doctor for referral to a sleep specialist.  
  • Illness: See doctor for a health examination.
  • Hormonal imbalance: see doctor and gynecologist can provide treatment as well.
  • Heredity: See a physician or trichologist about options for scalp stimulation treatment, implanting hair, etc...
  • Vitamin deficiency: Get blood work done and develop a plan with doctor and nutritionist.
  • Styling the hair in high tension styles: Do low manipulation styles with less/no tension.
  • Scalp infections (usually fungal): See dermatologist/ trichologist.
  • Side effects of new medications: Consult with doctor for other options.
  • Use of too much direct heat: Begin wearing styles that are heat-less more often such as roller sets, updos, buns, twist/braids, twist outs and braid outs.
  • General anesthesia for surgery: Consult a doctor.
  • Post childbirth: This is normal for many people but the amounts of hair loss varies greatly. If it is excessive or causing concern speak with your doctor.
  • Poor/Imbalanced diet: Using a food chart to better plan your meals and consult a nutritionist
  • Trichotillomania: Consult a trichologist.
  • Over manipulation of hair: Do low manipulation styles that will keep your hands out of your hair on a regular basis.


Home Care Solutions

There are things you can do at home if the issues you are having with hair loss are not medical.


Stimulate your scalp

    • Scalp massages with penetrating and stimulating oils. This can be done nightly and oil applied as needed. Our Nourishing Scalp Nectar is a wonderful stimulate for growth and scalp wellness.
    • Hair oils does not increase hair density. It is very good for people that have dry hair to apply an oil/butter to the hair after moisturizing. This smooths rough hair, provides a healthy sheen and is a big factor in moisture retention. Our Daily Dew & Budding Butter Treat are emollient which provides great softness to the hair. They are enriched with healing botanicals and herbs that are wonderful for the scalp as well. 
    • The Daily Dew is our most popular oil blend. That is why it was selected as a key product for the launch of our site. It is also wonderful for hot oil treatments and adding to deep conditioners to enhance them.Just rub the lightly warmed oil onto the length of your hair and into your scalp. Leave in for 30 minutes with your hair covered with a shower cap. Once done cleanse your hair as normal.

Moisturize you hair

    • Moisture, Moisture and Moisture are key to avoiding breakage and keeping hair healthy. Many methods can be used LCO, LOC, LOCO, LC, LO, etc...
    • Moisturizing your hair as often as needed is very important. Some only need to moisturize twice a week while others need it nightly. If your hair is highly porous or harsh weather is zapping all the moisture from your strands doing any of the following is very beneficial:
      • Fine/ Normal/ Mixture of Fine & Normal strand density: After completing the cleansing process for your hair it is good to your a moisturizing spray such as our Blooming Moisture Mist. It is a light but powerful spray. Detangles, smooths and brings out your natural hair patterns. This can be used by any one and for all hair. Great for dyed, natural, relaxed hair as well.
      • Course, Normal and Dry Hair Types: After completing the cleansing process it always key to use a moisturizer. These hair types need a creamy leave in such as Florets & Crème. It is a silicone-free detangling leave in. Provides tons of slip for easy detangling and is highly moisturizing. The emolliency of this product cuts down greatly on friction between the strands and reduces chances for breakage significantly. It smooths the cuticle layer while locking moisture within the strands. Also works well for color treated, natural and relaxed hair.

Healthy Diet

    • Consuming the proper amount of water is very important for overall health, scalp wellness and hair growth. Water is necessary internally and externally for hair to maintain hydration. This aids in cell health preservation and reproduction. Water increases hair elasticity and luster.
    • Hair loss can be a result of nutritional imbalance. These usually are traced to deficiency of copper, zinc, iron, vitamins B, C or E. If any of these items are missing it is good to change your diet or take supplements according to your physician's instructions.
    • Eat foods such as Amla and citrus fruits are great sources for vitamin C.
    • Eat balanced meals and healthy snacks through out the day.
Reevaluate & Simplify Your Hair Regimen
    • Do not over manipulate wet hair. It is very vulnerable to breakage.
    • Don't be rough when combing the hair. Start from the ends and work your way up to the roots with a wide toothed comb that is seamless (no snags).
    • Not use direct heat, such as flat irons, frequently. Indirect heat, such as an over head dryer, is a better option.
    • Nightly scalp massages with an enriched oil blend such as Nourishing Scalp Nectar is wonderful to increase blood circulation for optimal hair growth.
    • Deep conditioning weekly or biweekly with infused oils has always been key for me.
    • Be sure to have a proper balance of protein enriched strengthening and moisturizing products in your regimen. An imbalance in either direction can cause hair to bee too elastic and break or too brittle and it will snap.
    • Be sure to trim your ends as needed. Split ends traveling up the length of the hair is a no-no.



Give these things a try and see how your hair will flourish. If you have any questions feel free to submit your questions to Ask Emilia . Every Friday they will be answered. If you try my tips feel free to share what you've done and how they have helped you.


Disclaimer: I am not a physician and only share what I've done for myself and others for the best hair and skin health.

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