Anti-Humectant Oils: What are they? How are they helpful?

Posted on 22 July 2015
Author:Emilia Obiekea

When wearing your hair straight or in a style that can be ruined by humidity, it is always great to use anti-humectant products. They help to prevent your hair from absorbing atmospheric moisture. This action makes us capable of wearing our hair in sleek straight styles, frizz free curls, etc...

What are anti-humectant?

Anti-humectants are what is known as hydrophobic. Hydrophobic means that this product/ singular ingredient repels water. 

What is an anti-humectant oil?

It is a hydrophoic oil that is wonderful to pair with silicones to avoid humidity ruining your hair. The oils work well on their own to reduce/ discourage moisture absorption into the hair.

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Anti-humectant carrier oils

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)
  • Coconut Oil (prefer unrefined)
  • Waxes (such as beeswax, floral waxes, etc..)
  • Mango Butter (prefer unrefined)
  • Shea Butter (prefer unrefined)

Red Palm Oil (Its color is naturally in the red family. To avoid staining and the natural aroma many opt to use it refined. Refined has no color/ scent).


Synthetic Anti-Humectants

  • Esters
  • Silicones (prefer it to be water soluble)


If you are in need of frizz fighting ingredients this information will be helpful. Be aware that if you are using a leave in product that contains humectants, as a primary ingredient, the items listed above will only be good for maintaining your hair's will have barely any impact on frizz prevention.

Let us know what you think and how these items have helped you.

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