Bath Soaking Salt

Posted on 02 December 2015
Author:Emilia Obiekea

After a long work week we deserve to relax. I always look forward to a long hot bath towards the end of the week.
One of the simplest ways to do so is to turn on some good music, grab your favorite book and soak in the bath. 
While you're kicked back relaxing wouldn't you like the benefit of knowing that you're dong so naturally? Of course you do!
No need for unnecessary dyes, artificial fragrances and other miscellaneous ingredients. This bath soak will leave you completely relaxed with glowing skin. 


(image source: getty images)



1 bowl
1 spoon
A cute glass jars with lid



    1/3 cups of epsom salt 
    3 cups of sea salt
     3 tablespoons of daily dew oil (use an oil of choice)
    Daily dew is a botanically infused oil blend. For more information click here.


    Mix well in a bowl. Transfer to a cute jar of choice.
    Run your bath water, add some of your custom bath soak, breath in the refreshing scent, get in and relax. 

    Makes enough for 3 baths. 

    Disclaimer: Please do not use if you have any skin issues such as inflammations, broken skin or allergies. I am not a physician. If you have questions contact your physician prior to use. 

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