5 Factors that Effect Haircare Regimens

Posted on 26 December 2015
Author:Emilia Obiekea

Tired of spending extra time on your hair? Sick of dry scalp and frizz? These are a few of the factors that change how we take care of our hair. Below are some simple ways to identify the issues and resolve them. Check them out.


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Sun Damage

Yes sun damage. Just like we protect our skin with sunscreen our hair needs it too. Have you ever noticed that during the summer your hair may tend to become lighter in color or very red at the ends? That is a sign of sun damage from UVB and UVA rays. They damage the hair's cuticle layer and some of the cortex. The cortex contains the pigments of the hair. 

The sun rays can damage the scalp's skin and your hair follicles. Be sure to apply an oil or butter to your hair as needed. This provides a nice protective layer from the sun and reduces the likelihood that you will get sun damage. I like to apply Daily Dew oil to my hair every few days. Makes my hair soft and contains oils that are great for protection. For more information read here.



This hair tends to be very wiry, very tightly coiled and very, very fragile. Frizzy hair tends to have less cuticle layers than other hair types. Curly and coily hair are in this category as well. They are very delicate because each bend in the strand is a potential area for damage to occur. This means that it has less protection from the mechanical damage caused by combing, rough detangling, applying direct heat, brushing and flat ironing the hair. Applying products in a smoothing motion, doing final rinse with cool/ cold water and using butters are great aids for keeping the cuticle layer from being damaged. 


Fly Aways

Flyaway hair occurs when there’s low humidity or the air is dry, hair loses water to the surrounding air and dries out. The best way to solve this is by punching up the moisture with anti-humectant hair products, hair butters, stylers and natural gels like aloe vera.


Dry Scalp

This is a common issue that many of us face year round. Some only have dry scalp during winter or in cold climates. What is dry scalp? This is when the skin of the scalp starts to tighten causing dead skin. Dry scalp conditions is confused as dandruff regularly. Using dandruff treatments can make the situation worst. Tip: After washing the hair your scalp is moisturized from the water. This is the best time to lock in that moisture. I apply oil to my scalp before styling. My fav scalp oil is Flourishing Scalp Nectar. It resolved my scalp issues and stops the scalp from itching. Check it out here. Other things to do for dry scalp are consuming enough water daily, deep conditioning weekly, moisturizing the scalp and increasing circulation by doing scalp massages regularly. 


Product Build Up

Using products that aren't water soluble can cause product build up. It can cause the hair to lack luster by dulling it's natural shine. Common signs of build up are flaking when you comb the hair, hair is less manageable and does not respond to products like it normally would. If any of these are true then you definitely have build up. How to get rid of it? Simply clarify the hair. Cleanse with a clarifying shampoo or a shampoo with surfactants such as SLS. This will strip the build up away giving you a fresh start.


Give these tips a try and share your experiences. Enjoy!

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