Winter Hair Care

Posted on 12 October 2015
Author:Emilia Obiekea

Now that temperatures have begun to change, it is also time to make some changes to our hair regimens. The goals are to maintain the hair's moisture, decrease the possibility of breakage and retain length. The following are great ways to prepare your natural tresses for the winter:


Adjust Your Regimen

We tend to wash our hair more frequently during warmer months. I reduce my wash days to once a week during the winter. I moisturize my hair more frequently, between wash days, due to washing my hair less. Hair thrives on water. Be sure to do protein treatments and moisturizing deep conditioning as often as needed.

Many people use the LOC (liquid, oil, cream) method. It is used to apply and retain moisture to the hair by layering. I prefer to do LCO/LO/CO methods. I rotate using a butter and oil as my "O". The butter of choice is budding butter treat. It is a rich mango butter based product made with botanically infused oils. Get more info here.


 Take Care of those Ends

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It is always good to start the season off with a fresh trim. Remove any damaged hair you find.

Neglecting the ends is a common cause of split ends. Be sure to moisturize your ends with a water based leave in nightly (or as needed). On freshly washed hair I apply a creamy leave in florets and creme. During the week I apply a liquid leave in blooming moisture mist.

Now this next step is the most important. I always apply and oil or butter to my freshly washed hair. Then nightly oil my ends with daily dew oil. When using an oil that is not heavy it is great to apply an oil regularly. It doesn't weigh down my fine strands. It aids in keeping the strands lubricated. This reduces friction. To learn more about these products click here. Hair loves oils and butters. 


Protective Styles

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Protective styling protects/ minimizes the hair's exposure to the elements. This is done by doing styles that require low to no manipulation. Some simple yet highly effective styles to do are buns, braids, bantu knots,wigs, twist and generally any style that tucks the ends away. Protective styles are wonderful for maintaining your healthiest hair.


Wear Hats

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Under hats be sure to wear a silk scarf or bonnet. Can use satin as well. Tip: To avoid slipping and buying lined hats just use some bobby pins to keep your scarf/bonnet in place. I like to use 2 pins to keep my bonnet in place, put the knit cap on and use 2 hairpins to secure it in place.



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Wrap a silk/satin scarf around your neck to to prevent your hair from rubbing onto your coat/sweater. The friction can cause the hair to snag. This can lead to breakage.

 Give these tips a try and watch your hair thrive this winter.



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