Nourishing Deep Conditioner

Posted on 18 September 2015
Author:Emilia Obiekea

This is one of my favorite diy recipes. If your hair is in need of moisture and nourishment then this is definitely for you.


Rose Hair Mask

 (image courtesy: getty)



1 bowl

1 spoon/ spatula

1 jar (8-16 oz)



2 tablespoons of Agave Nectar

2 cups of a moisturizing deep conditioner

2 tablespoons of Budding Butter Treat

3 tablespoons of Rose Petal Powder

1 tablespoon of Amla Powder

1 teaspoon of Lemon Peel Powder 

1 teaspoon of Wheat Germ Oil



  • Blend all of the ingredients together in a bowl.
  • Divide the mixture. Save what you will not use today in a jar. Then use what you've kept in the bowl. 
  • Apply mask to the hair. Leave in for 20-30 mins.
  • Rinse out with cool water.
*Be sure to use the left over conditioner mixture within 2 weeks. Although the store bought deep conditioner has preservatives in only contains enough to preserve itself. Any additives to a hair products diminishes the shelf life greatly.


Ingredient details

Agave Nectar: A nice humectant used to provided moisture and sheen to the hair. It is easily available in most places.

Budding Butter Treat: A whipped butter cream of mango butter + shea butter + a floral infused blend of rich oils + amla. It contains: sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, rosehip seed oil and vitamin e oil. To learn more click here.

Rose Petal Powder: Is very softening, soothing and nourishes the scalp. Plus the soft scent of roses is a great bonus.

Amla Powder: An ayurvedic herb. It has great properties that make is softening and conditioning for the hair.

Lemon Peel Powder: Has antibacterial and astringent properties. 

Wheat Germ Oil: This is a very rich ceramide containing oil. It contains many vitamins such as A, B, C, D, E and F. I'm not singing the it really has all of those vitamins in it. 



This masque leaves hair feeling softened, moisturized, a breeze to detangle and overall just fab. I love it and would love to hear about your results using my recipe. Comment below. 


*If you are worried about the acidity of the lemon peel powder, since it does have a low pH, just leave it out. If there are any ingredients used that you are allergic to be sure to substitute it with an ingredient that you love.

That's the great thing about DIY it's all about what you like. Enjoy!

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