Avoiding Damage When Blow Drying Hair

Posted on 27 April 2016
Author:Emilia Obiekea

Sometimes there is no time to air dry hair. On this occasion we break out the blow dryer. Check out my quick fix and tips.


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Hair clips
Wide tooth comb (seamless)
 Blow dryer with concentration nozzle
Hair Straightening Brush



Divide & Conquer

Split the hair into 4 quadrants. Separate each quadrant into 2-4 sections. The more dense your hair is the more sections you should create.


Protect without Stress

Apply a small amount of a silicon based heat protectant + Daily Dew Oil to the hair from root to tip. It is a blend of nourishing oils that do not weigh down the hair. This combo give the hair great slip + excellent protection from the direct heat. Winning!

Detangle the hair with a wide tooth comb.
*If you need to use a smaller comb be sure to work your way down from a very wide tooth comb to combs with smaller teeth spacing. This ensures that no hair is unnecessarily tangled or ripped out.

Tension is only for hair

Blow Drying Steps

  • Work in sections
  • Take a section of hair and hold the hair with some tension away from the scalp.
  • Secure the straightening brush at the roots.
  • Hold the blow dryer over the brush. Slowly move the brush and dryer down the length of the hair. Usually 2 passes is enough.

*Tip: Never blow dry on high. Stick to medium and low heat settings. 


Types of Blow Dryers

All blow dryers are not created equally. Find one that is best for you.

Tourmaline: is a semi precious element that, when heated, uses negative ions to dry the hair and smooth the cuticle. It is great for avoiding frizz, helps to retain the hair's moisture and sheen. 

Ceramic: Heats very evenly for quick drying sessions. Uses ions as well.

Ionic: Removes static/ frizz from the hair during the drying process and seals moisture into the hair by closing the cuticles. Also provides a nice sheen and minimizes frizz.

*My fav dryer is one with a combo of Ionic and Tourmaline technology.


Nice Features

Concentration nozzle: Directs dryer airflow. This is great so that the heat is pointed exactly where it is needed. Also cuts down on drying time drastically.

Cool Shot: Is nice to cool the hair and really help the cuticle layer to lay as flat as possible after heat application. Kinda like when we finish washing our hair and do the final rinse with cool water to smooth the hair....same principle.


Give this method a try & share your results. Enjoy!

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