Simplicity is Key for Fine Hair

Posted on 11 November 2015
Author:Emilia Obiekea

Fine Hair

(image courtesy: istock)


General characteristics

Texture: Straight to Wavy (varies from very smooth to frizzy)

Weight: Light to Medium

Strand Diameter: Usually small

Density: Normally Very Thin to Average

    *Note: Density refers to the total amount of hair the person has not the individual strand density. 


    Main issues & Solutions

    • Apply an oil or a styler to your finger tips (very liget amount). Then rub it over your finished style.
    • Smoothing with the hands and tying the hair down for a few minutes is very helpful as well.

      Being lightweight & lacking volume

      • Using some hair "thickening" leave in products can give the appearance of thicker hair
      • Short hair cuts are great for fullness. Longer length adds weight to hair causing it to look thinner. A shorter style (shoulder and shorter) gives the hair much more body.

        Can get heat damaged very easily 

        • Usually no need to flat iron fine hair with high heat. Try blow drying with tension and flat ironing on low heat using the chase method. Much better and healthier hair option. 

        Can be easily over moisturized resulting in the hair being flat and lacking body

        • Stick to leave in conditioners that are liquid. Look for ones that do not contain heavy oils such as castor oil and are able to be misted onto the hair. Comb it through and style as normal. Blooming Moisture Mist is my fav light weight moisturizing leave in spray. Click here for more info.


        Hair cannot hold textured styles for an extended period of time
        *Styles such as braid/ twist outs, doesn't curl easily or styles.
        • Using flexi rods and rollers with a setting foam will be love at 1st success! Simply apply a setting foam, twist/braid the hair, then use the roller on the ends or all the way to the roots. Take down with a very light oil on your finger tips. Such as apricot oil.

        Up-dos seem impossible to do

        • The finer the hair...the easier it is for it to slip out of ponytails. To keep it in a ponytail be sure to secure it inserting a bobby pin or two. 
        • Use a light to mid-level holding spray, stuffing the hair (folding your hair over artificial hair) aids in plumping up the fullness preventing your style from falling flat.

        Give my tips a try, feel free to ask questions and leave your tried and true tips for others in the comment section.


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