1 Minute Natural Hair Perfume

Posted on 18 November 2015
Author:Emilia Obiekea

Sometimes our hair doesn't smell very fresh. We need it to smell fresh but don't have time to wash it. What to do? Use a hair perfume.

 Why not wash it daily? That strips it of its natural oils and leaves it vulnerable to mechanical damage (due to excessive manipulation).

It's always good to use a hair fragrance after exercise, if your head sweats nightly, need to stretch wash day by a few more days, etc... 

You can make it at home in under 1 minute! My mist will leave your hair smelling and looking refreshed.


Natural Hair Perfume

(image source: 123rf)


1 small spray bottle

 1 funnel

1.5 oz distilled water
1.5 oz aloe vera juice
1 teaspoon of daily dew oil

1 essential oil blend (optional)

*This perfume has a wonderful fragrance as it is, due to using the infused daily dew oil. For more information click here.


Essential Oil Blend Options
*Never use essential oils undiluted.


Flowers & Citrus
3 drops orange
3 drops vanilla
3 drops rose


3 drops sandalwood
3 drops lavender
1 drop ylang ylang
2 drops of chamomile


Vanilla Mint
3 drops peppermint
4 drops vanilla

2 drops jasmine


These combos are ideal for nice smelling, lightly moisturized hair. They all smell gorgeous!
The essential oils used provide different notes for their blends. 
Select the blend you like and have fun with it. 



Simply add all of the ingredients to a spray bottle of choice, using the funnel.
Shake well before each use.
*I prefer to use an atomizer or a fine misting sprayer.
Spray a few inches away from your hair.

 That's it...keeping it simple.

When not in use, store spray in the fridge. Without a preservative it usually keeps for a week or two.


Your hair will enjoy this boost of freshness and shine.
Give it a try!

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