Natural Hair Care for Young Naturalistas

Posted on 17 December 2015
Author:Emilia Obiekea

We often talk about caring for our natural hair and methods to do so but we need to be sure to help our young naturalistas on their hair journeys as well. 

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Here are a few of my tips:

Don't over do it. Buy products that you can afford to repurchase if it becomes a staple product for you. Try not to become a product junkie. It is super easy to fall into that trap lol we've all been in shopping recovery a time or two. A great way to avoid overspending and to try many different products is to buy travel/trial sizes. They are usually large enough for a few uses.

If a product fails to wow you try it a few different ways. When using a product many things can factor into why your results weren't as expected. Try using the product on freshly washed hair, dry hair, close to wash day hair or re-purposing it. If all else fails toss it or give it away.


Simplicity is key. Try to have a regimen that doesn't really feel like it is a regimen. Make it a part of your routine.

There are many techniques to maintain moisture. My fav is the LCO method (switching around LOC). It stands for L= liquid, C= cream, O = Oil. Tons of info available online about this method.

If your hair is feeling a bit dry or you're unsure about if you need to moisturize it...just use a liquid leave in spray, like blooming moisture mist. Lightly spray your hair before bed. For more info on blooming moisture mist read here.


YouTube is YouTube. I love watching videos on YouTube and other social media. It is a great place to learn tips on styling, hair care and to know what has worked for others. Keep in mind, everything doesn't work for everyone. Still have to rely on trial and error.


 Have fun with it. Try new styles. Experiment with your look. Ask for advice. 
What advice would you give natural haired teens about how to care for and grow their hair? Share your experiences.
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