Easy to Do Protective Styles

Posted on 11 January 2016
Author:Emilia Obiekea

Learning how to style your hair, especially as a new natural, can feel like attempting to solve a Rubik's cube. Styling can be pretty discouraging. Here are some very simple styles that are guaranteed to alleviate protective styling frustrations.


Here is an easy flat twisted halo style by AlleySinai. Her technique is nice and simple. Also love how she is sure to tuck her ends away. Be sure to protect your ends too. 


 Have a sensitive scalp and delicate edges? Check out Christine Emmanuelle's video on her simple way of installing Marley aka Havana twists without causing stress to your hair.


KaliKashmere created a very simple tutorial on how to do box braids. Her tutorial is a nice foundation. Create braids of any width and length you prefer.


Rocking braids is boring? Said no one ever. Check out MyBlackHair's many styles for her braided hair.


Another way to protect your hair is to do regular single braids or twist with your own natural hair. Just because you're wearing a protective style doesn't mean that it will be boring. AfricanExport, from YouTube, shows that you can always accessorize your hairstyles. Here her hair is simple single braids that are pin curled. Pop on a hat, scarf, bow, flower, etc... and you're good to go.


These styles are great for natural hair beginners and vets. Give them a try.
What are your favorite styles? Share them below.


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