About Us

What makes Adore Botanicals different from other companies?

Adore Botanicals is a high end luxurious brand consisting of products that promote optimal skin and hair health. We place quality above quantity in every aspect. Our products are made with organic, unrefined, cold/ first pressed ingredients. Kosher ingredients are also used when available. Full benefits are reaped by only using the finest items. We will offer larger sizes when it is available on certain products. We feature 100% natural, pure essential oils, carrier oils, butters, florals, herbs, etc… We will always put you, the consumer, before any dollar amount.

Our Principles

Maintaining quality before profits is always our focus. Handcrafting everything guarantees the highest quality of the products. Emilia is a firm believer that it is of the highest value to use products on our bodies that we would be comfortable to put in to our bodies.

Our Products

All products are cruelty free, gluten-free, GMO free and utilize buying USDA organic certified ingredients from suppliers. All product scents are from florals or herbs by way of infusion, plant extracts or utilization of essential oils. If any other type of item is used it will be clearly stated. Everything is made in small batches by hand. This is the preferred method to ensure the outcome is always great. Many of our products have versatile uses. Our plant-based formulas are made with ingredients sourced from around the world. Majority of our products are free of synthetic fragrances. If any synthetics are utilized it will be clearly stated on the product and in the product details on our website. This is not something that would be a regular occurrence because we prefer natural fragrances from florals and herbs.


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