Emilia's Hair Story

Emilia’s Story & Creation of Adore Botanicals

The story of my hair journey and how Adore Botanicals LLC came to fruition…

From a very young age I have always had issues with scalp sensitivity and dandruff. As I grew older the issue became more problematic. By high school, I have been back and forth to dermatologist, trichologist, etc…name it and I’ve been there. No matter what prescriptions I was given nothing resolved the issues or provided relief. By late 2008 I developed full blown scalp psoriasis. Not only was it aggravating and annoying but it was potentially embarrassing as well.

I then started looking into more natural and holistic means to sooth my scalp. I immersed myself in hair groups for relaxed and natural hair. Over the next few years I began learning in depth about herbs, florals and other raw ingredients. Learning of their usefulness and ways to implement them into my hair care regimen proved to be most beneficial for me. I also began learning about oils (carrier, essential oils), humectants, ayurveda hair and skin care. I combined my favorite carrier and essential oils with raw herbs and florals that I loved. I knew that they all played a key role in my scalp health. At this time I came up with my scalp nectar. It has been a staple for me ever since.

During this time I started transitioning my hair from relaxed to natural in the later part of 2010. I found that many of the store bought items people loved, and talk about in the hair boards and hair groups I was a part of, did nothing for the health of my hair and scalp and at times due to the drying alcohols that were in the products my hair was robbed of moisture and lost its luster.

Overtime, I began trying a lot of diy recipes and creating my own. The more knowledgeable I became the more versatile my recipes became. I provide post about what I am trying, would be trying and give tips to others when asked. My family and friends noticed an immediate change in the overall health of my hair and over the course of a few months my scalp psoriasis was completely healed. I kept a journal of my regimens, changes to them and how my hair and scalp behaved.

By 2011 I was making products for my friends, family and coworkers. A few years later the numbers continued to grow. I provided consultations, went over things such as food allergies, diet and other things that can trigger scalp and hair issues for individuals. I also focused on consumer education and how to maintain and promote healthy hair and skin.

Since then I have expanded and created many wonderful hair and skin care products. Throughout the years I’ve helped many people to resolve issues with dryness, styling and itchy scalp. Also have helped to alleviate problematic scalp and skin conditions. It has been inspiring to see there are so many people that have similar struggles and assist in their journey.

I officially started my line, Adore Botanicals, late spring of 2015. I am more than honored to be able to share my knowledge and products with you all. Thank you for taking the time to learn about my story and product line. I look forward to continuing sharing with you and hearing of your successes during your journey to the healthiest hair and skin of your lives!


Emilia Obiekea

Founder & Operator of Adore Botanicals LLC

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