• Flourishing Scalp Nectar
  • Flourishing Scalp Nectar
  • Flourishing Scalp Nectar

Flourishing Scalp Nectar

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Healing Elixir
For Optimal Hair & Scalp Health


This Infusion of Soothing Florals, Stimulating Herbs & Penetrating Oils is Highly Beneficial for Those Suffering with Dandruff, Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Dry & Itchy Scalp.

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8 oz Value $59.95  
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Emilia developed this healing oil blend, over the course of 2 years. It was created due to a dandruff problem, she has had on and off since childhood, and to address a newly developed issue with scalp psoriasis in 2010. It has aided in resolving and preventing the former scalp issues from reoccurring again since 2012. This treatment is a crucial element of her haircare regimen. This is a wonderful treat for the hair and scalp.


Key Ingredient Benefits:

  • Argan Oil: ‘Liquid Gold’ proven to make hair softer, shinier, smoother and silkier. Very conditioning for hair and skin. Penetrates the hair and pores.
  • Jojoba Oil: Similar to the natural sebum of the scalp. It is very conditioning. Aids in preventing tangles and breakage.
  • Proprietary Botanical Blend: Balanced combinations of florals that are very soothing for irritated skin, deters hair loss, lessens frizz, promote hair growth, boosts hair’s sheen, discourages split ends and has a beautifully light scent.
  • Rice Bran Oil: Anti-aging and softening oils. Great for dry hair and skin. They help reduce dandruff and give skin a beautiful glow.
  • Rosehips Seed Oil: Nourishing oil for dry skin, adds luster to dull/dry hair, proven to help alleviate dandruff and scalp issues that are of a similar condition.


Emilia’s Tips:

  • Massage a small amount lightly into the scalp as needed.
  • For nourishing hot oil treatments: Apply and massage gently onto hair and scalp. Cover with a plastic cap. Follow up by cleansing and conditioning.
  • Apply nightly to scalp and massage. This increases scalp circulation, stimulates the follicles and aids in optimal hair growth.
  • Apply to ends of hair to seal in moisture and greatly reduce likelihood of split ends occurring.



(Rice Bran Oil) Oryza sativa, (Avocado Oil) Persea americana, (Safflower Oil) Carthamus tinctorius, (Castor Oil) Ricinus communis, Proprietary Botanical Blend, (Jojoba Oil) Simmondsia chinensis, (Hemp Oil) Cannabis sativa, (Argan Oil) Argania spinosa, (Rosehips Seed Oil) Rosa canina, (Burdock Root) Arctium lappa, (Amla) Phyllanthus emblica, (Marshmallow Root) Althaea officinalis, (Stinging Nettle) Urtica dioica, Proprietary Mint Blend, (Rosemary) Rosmarinus officinalis, (Brahmi) Bacopa monnieri, (Sage) Salvia officinalis, (Licorice Root) Glycyrrhiza glabra, (Bay Leaf) Laurus nobilis, (Vitamin E Oil) Tocopherol, Proprietary Essential Oil Blend.  

Why we are different:

Only the purest and highest quality ingredients are utilized in our products. This reflects in their wonderful quality. Most companies only use 1-2% of the most sought after ingredients. We make it a priority to incorporate larger quantities of each highlighted ingredient into our products. The best quality is guaranteed and we do no animal testing.

Does NOT Contain:

Artificial colors, artificial fragrance, drying alcohol, parabens, phosphates and sulfates.

Does Contain:

  • Only use organically derived herbs, florals and oils.
  • The carrier oils used are cold pressed, unrefined, natural & kosher when available.
  • Ingredients derived from nuts.
  • If you have a nut or floral allergy avoid using this product.


Use within 12 months of opening.


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