• Triple Infused Hair Oil
  • Triple Infused Hair Oil

Triple Infused Hair Oil

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Stimulates Healthy Hair Growth Soothes Scalp Irritations


This rich oil blend is infused three times creating a blend of oils that invigorates the hair follicles for increased hair growth and overall health. The oil calms scalp problems due to dryness, psoriasis, dermatitis and other irritants. Regular use improves hair and scalp conditions.

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Emilia developed this stimulating oil blend to aid in maximizing hair growth and overall health. This treatment is a vital part of her hair care regimen. This delicately crafted oil takes 3 times as long to infuse and is worth the wait. There are no added essential oils because the natural infusion process provides a light mint blend aroma that indulges the senses and revitalizes the scalp.


    Emilia’s Tips:

    • To deter split ends and increase moisture retention apply to the length of the hair and concentrate on the ends.
    • Massage a small amount lightly into the scalp as needed.
    • Hot oil treatments: Apply and massage gently onto hair and scalp. Cover with a plastic cap. Follow up by cleansing and conditioning. 
    • Use as prewash treatment.
    • Enhance your deep conditioning experiences by adding a tablespoon to your conditioner prior to usage. 



    (Sunflower Oil) Helianthus annuus, (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) Olea europaea, Proprietary Green Tea Blend, Proprietary Mint Blend, (Jojoba Oil) Simmondsia chinensis, (Stinging Nettle) Urtica diocia, (Amla) Phyllanthus emblica, (Red Clover Blossoms) Trifolium pratense, (Ginger Root) Zingiber officinale, (Bay Leaf) Laurus nobilis, (Vitamin E Oil) Tocopherol.  


    Why we are different:

    Only the purest and highest quality ingredients are utilized in our products. This reflects in their wonderful quality. Most companies only use 1-2% of the most sought after ingredients. We make it a priority to incorporate larger quantities of each highlighted ingredient into our products. The best quality is guaranteed and we do no animal testing.


    Does NOT Contain:

    Artificial colors, artificial fragrance, drying alcohol, parabens, phosphates and sulfates.


    Does Contain:

    • Only use organically derived herbs, mints, teas and florals.
    • The carrier oils used are cold pressed, unrefined and natural.
    • May contain ingredients derived from nuts. If you have a nut or floral allergy avoid using this product.


    Use within 12 months of opening.


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